Group Overview

Inception of Avani Group of Industries

Avani Group of Industries was conceived as the vision of our Founder – Mr. Prakash Jain – in 1983. On account of his prior experience in the field and based on his own primary market analysis, Mr. Prakash Jain held an in-depth understanding of minerals processing business. Furthermore, he understood the industry as a whole and its market across India. Thus, concluding from his market research and equipped with his innate determination, he set up the first unit in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India) to manufacture Talc Powder. Since then, Avani Group of Industries has grown to become a Hallmark in the Minerals Manufacturing Industry of India, and especially so for Talc Powder.


Owing to the 35 years of constant vigilance and aegis of our senior leadership the group has organically grown to:

  • 8 Business Entities & 8 Manufacturing Units
    • Avani Mineral Industries
    • Avani Talc Industries
    • Siddha Talc Industries
    • Avani Mine-Chem Industries
    • Avani Micron
    • APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd.
    • Avani Products
    • Veer Mineral Industries
  • 2500 Metric Tons of Production Per Month
  • 50 Individuals in Workforce
  • 3.5 Million USD in Annual Turnover

Certainly, we have journeyed a long way from our humble beginning. However, we pride ourselves not on the growth itself but on the well established track record of fueling such growth. For instance, we have weathered all sorts of changes and challenges by pioneering the trifecta – Raw Material Innovation, Technology Upgradation and Good Manufacturing Practices. In doing so, we have significantly contributed to evolution of major trends in the minerals industry. Consequently, we have carved a name for ourselves in the ranks of leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mineral powders in India.


To become a world leader in manufacture and supply of natural minerals and chemicals.


To spearhead constant innovation, upgradation and best practices in all spheres of business.

Leadership at Avani Group of Industries

  • Mr. Prakash Jain – Founding Partner of Avani Group of Industries. Prior to setting upon the path towards his first business venture as a mineral manufacturer, he completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Mr. Suresh Jain – Partner at Avani Group of Industries. After having successfully qualified as a Chartered Accountant, he has been a part of the business since its inception.
  • Mr. Animesh Jain – Manager at Avani Group of Industries. Post completion of his Masters in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management, he joined the minerals manufacturing business in 2018
  • Mr. Bhavesh Godavat – Head of Sales & Marketing at Avani Group of Industries. With a Masters in Business Administration and a successful track record of business development, he joined the minerals manufacturing business in 2022.

Besides the collective experience of our senior leaders, it has been our constant and unanimous endeavour to perpetuate mutually beneficial association with all our customers. In order to achieve this, we are committed to supply only quality products and supply them at fair prices. In conjunction, we also strive offer congenial operational support to all customers.

Special Expertise

Firstly, our organic experience has imparted to us a deep-seated wisdom of operating a minerals business. For instance, we command an overview of the critical pressure points in this industry and prioritize tasks based on this criticality. Also, we understand the seasonal nature of materials and build precautionary buffers to safeguard against them.

Secondly, we genuinely understand the applications of our minerals in our target customers’ manufacturing processes. In addition, we appreciate the economics of their businesses, just as well. For example, we know which property of our mineral powders is important to what type of industry. More importantly, we also know which property is inconsequential to what type of industry. Hence, we can custom-manufacture to cater to the specific needs of every single customer, while reducing costs as well.

Consequently, we have gained a level of expertise that has enabled us to build durable, reliable and mutually rewarding association with all our customers by overcoming any foreseeable hurdles.

Manufacturing Setup

Altogether, Avani Group of Industries has a total setup of 8 Manufacturing Facilities, all of which are located in Mewar Industrial Area of Udaipur (Rajasthan, India).

Firstly, our Raw Material Storage Capacity is 25,000 Metric Tons. Out of this, 80% is securely covered under pre-engineered buildings.

Secondly, we have a total Production Capacity of 2,500 Metric Tons per month. Milling  and micronizing machinery installed at our manufacturing units include modernized Hammer Mills and Ball Mills. Additionally these machines are equipped with their own dedicated Classifiers, Jaw Crushers, Elevators, Vibrating Screens, Screw Conveyors and ETO Sterilizers.

Thirdly, we provide multiple Customizable Options in Packing Material & Sizes. For instance, a customer can choose from among PP Bag, Laminated Bag, Paper Bag and many more. Similarly, a customer can also choose any size of packaging ranging from 25 Kg to 1000 Kg.

Fourthly, we have built a state-of-the-art In-House Laboratory. As a result of which, we can test and assure ideal Chemical, Physical and Microbial properties in all our mineral powder products.

Portfolio of Avani Group of Industries

Mineral Powders

Experience of over 35 years has allowed us to become well versed in the technicalities and capabilities of manufacturing the following mineral powders:

  1. Talc Powder [a.k.a. Soapstone or Steatite]
  2. Purified Talc Powder [IP, BP, USP & Food Grade]
  3. Dolomite Powder [micronized]
  4. Dolo-Talc Powder [blend of Talc & Dolomite]

Furthermore, we manufacture all possible grades of the above mentioned mineral powders. Also, we can customize our products as per any specifications whatsoever given by our customers.

Besides the above, we also supply Soapstone Grit, Alu-Sil Powder, Pyrophyllite Powder, White Clay Powder, Marble Powder, Calcite Powder and Quartz Powder.

In order to receive quotation or enquire about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Mineral Uses & Applications

Because of the versatile nature of our mineral powders, they are used as commodity and functional fillers. Hence, a wide range of industries find applications for them. For instance, some key industries we cater to are –Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Cosmetics, Paints & Coatings, Paper, Rubber, Plastics & Polymers, Ceramics and Fertilizer.

Products made from Talc Powder
Applications of Talc & Other Mineral Powders