Manufacturing Setup

Avani Group of Industries is leading manufacturer of mineral powders – Talc, Purified Talc, Dolo-Talc & Dolomite. As such, the total setup of Avani Group of Industries includes 8 Manufacturing Units for Talc & Dolomite in the Mewar Industrial Area, Madri of Udaipur (Rajasthan, India):

  1. Avani Talc Industries
  2. APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Avani Mineral Industries
  4. Avani Mine-Chem Industries
  5. Siddha Talc Industries
  6. Avani Products
  7. Avani Micron
  8. Veer Mineral Industries

Raw Material Sourcing & Storage

Firstly, our strategic associations and proximity from a multitude of mining zones, allow us to source the most optimum quality of Talc, Dolo-Talc and Dolomite lumps. Secondly, our bulk purchasing provides us significant economies of scale. Thirdly, we can store 25,000 Metric Tons of raw material in either lumps, gitti (gravel) or raffa (coarse powder) form. Lastly, we stock 80% of this raw material under the shelter of pre-engineered buildings. All together, these critical features ensure:

  • Cost benefit carry-over from raw material to finished product
  • Sufficient inventory to outlast any seasonal shortages
  • Standard quality of output throughout the year
  • Protection from unfavourable weather conditions

Talc & Dolomite Manufacturing Machinery

All 7 units combined, Avani Group of Industries has a production capacity of 2,500 Metric Tons per month. Grinding & Micronizing Machinery installed at these manufacturing units includes modernized Hammer Mills and Ball Mills along with Classifiers, Jaw Crushers, Disintegrators, Elevators, Screw Conveyors and Vibrating Screens. Furthermore, the Purified Talc manufacturing unit – APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. – also possesses Magnetic Roll SeparatorBulk ETO Sterilizer and multiple Air Handling Units. Consequently, these units not only meet the latest industry standards applicable for a Talc and Dolomite manufacturer, but also pioneer them.

All the mills operate for 3 shifts on a daily basis allowing continuous and maximum output. To achieve this, the group employs a total Workforce of 50 individuals.

Installed machinery at these units is equipped to manufacture the following mineral powders in all possible grades:

Packaging & Loading Facility

The group has 35+ years of experience in sourcing the best quality of packaging material from across India.  

A customer can choose from a plethora of options such as – Ordinary PP Bag, Heavy PP Bag, Laminated PP Bag, Double Bag-in-Bag, Gazetted PP Bag, Polylined Paper Bag, Jumbo Bag and so on. A customer can also customize from among the available packing sizes of  25 Kg, 40 Kg, 50 Kg, 400 Kg, 500 Kg and 1000 Kg (1 MT). All the bags are export worthy and we offer palletization upon request. Over-head cranes allow smooth handling of the packaged finished goods.

Quality Control

Business philosophy of our Founder – Mr. Prakash Jain – is reflected in the quality control practices of Avani Group of Industries.

We initiate quality inspection even before the raw material enters the manufacturing units. To begin with, we explore various mines to identify good quality lumps from each mine. Upon receiving the shipment of material, we test it against previously approved samples by physical and chemical examination. Then, our trained workmen perform careful sorting to segregate any undesired materials before feeding to the mill. At last, we sample the micronized powders at multiple times during every shift to ensure consistent optimum quality.

The independent state-of-the-art laboratory of Avani Group of Industries is fully equipped for Testing Chemical, Physical and Microbial Properties of all mineral samples. We also keep meticulous records of all the tests and samples to ensure cross-referencing in case of any discrepancy.

We have committed to continually enhance the scope and effectiveness of our quality management system. Furthermore, we ensure that our QMS is implemented across all the businesses and manufacturing units under our banner. As a result, we can assure our customers unwavering product superiority.