Marble Grains

Marble grains are small pieces of grinded natural marble blocks that segregated into different sizes. Their value lies in their unique appearance, durability and versatility, making them a popular material for various construction and decorative paint applications.

Physical Properties

  1. Durability – These are a durable material that can withstand high traffic and use.
  2. Size Customization – They are available in various size compositions, making them a ideal for all generic as well as customized applications.
  3. Free Flow – Being not prone to clumping, they are freely flowable and easy to handle
  4. Popular Size-Wise Grades – Following are some of the common grades that exist in the market:
    • 6/18
    • 18/32
    • 24/52
    • 26/60
    • 30/80
    • 50/150

Applications of Marble Grains

  1. Texture Paints: Marble grains are a key ingredient in decorative texture paints. Customization in size of the grains can allow the manufacturers to achieve a wide variety of resulting products.
  2. Glass Manufacturing: Manufacturing process of glass also deploys, these grains in bulk quantities due to their dolomitic nature.
  3. Detergents: Some of the finer grades of are used in manufacturing of detergent powders that provide the granularity needed for the washing purposes.
  4. Decorative Accents: They can be used in decorative accents such as mosaic tiles, terrazzo, borders, and medallions.

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