Talc in Food Processing

Purified Talc Powder of APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the purest version of Hydrated Magnesium Silicate in pulverized powder form. Due to its physio-chemical as wells as mineral inertness, regulating authorities all around the world consider Purified Talc safe for human consumption. In conjunction, Purified Talc possesses several other innate physical and mechanical properties which are congenial for use in food industry. As a result, it is recognized as an acceptable additive in the processing of pulses, chocolates, baked goods and other food products. Following is a snapshot of different unique ways in which Purified Talc Powder is used in Food Processing:

  • Purified Talc has a smooth and lamellar (platy and layered) structure. Consequently, when applied to the outer surface of pulses, it provides a shiny polish. Additionally, it prevents stickiness between the pulses.
  • Purified Talc is hydrophobic in nature. Hence, it functions as a separating agent by coating other substances and making them water-repellent and prevents formation of lumps. For instance, this property of purified talc makes its ideal for usage in starch, starch mixtures, chocolates, baked goods, powdered dried fruits, rice, cheese, seasoning and table salt.
  • Purified Talc ranks high in whiteness and brightness. Thus, it elevates the brightness of colours in food dyes while keeping them safe for human consumption.

APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. (a business entity under the banner of Avani Group of Industries) is a licensed manufacturer of food grade Talc Powder. Our production unit surpasses all the codes and requirements enabling us to guarantee the best quality talc powder to our customers. Our Purified Talc Powder most certainly passes as per the norms of FSSAI.