Avani Group of Industries began operations in 1983 by manufacturing Talc Powder. Eversince, we have grown our portfolio to include the following range of minerals:

Talc Powder

Alternatively known by the names Soapstone, Steatite and French Chalk, Talc is a clayey earthly mineral. After being excavated from the mines, Talc lumps are crushed and pulverised at the manufacturing units of Avani Group of Industries. Talc Powder, resulting from this process, is extremely white in colour as well as light in bulk.

Purified Talc Powder

As the name suggests, Purified Talc Powder is the purest form of Talc Powder. Being an earthly mineral, we often find Talc in combination or assortment with other elements like calcium or free silica. Thus, we obtain Purified Talc Powder by segregating away all impurities from Talc lumps before crushing and pulverising those lumps. Subsequently, we sterilize the powdered Talc with ETO to control the microbial growth. Purified Talc Powder, resulting from this process, is absolutely safe for human consumption.

Dolomite Powder

Dolomite is a mineral found in relative abundance on the surface of the earth. After being excavated from mines, the Dolomite rocks are crushed and micronized at the manufacturing unit of Avani Group of Industries. Dolomite Powder, resulting from such micronization, is very high in whiteness. Also, the particle size of Micronized Dolomite Powder is extremely minute. This is to say that the particle size typically ranges from 5 microns to 20 Microns only.

Dolo-Talc Powder

Also known as Bhuria Talc, Dolo-Talc Powder is a blend of Talc powder and Dolomite powder. Aside from pulverising naturally occurring Dolo-Talc rocks, we also manufacture a customizable blend of Talc and Dolomite minerals separately through our self-designed processing technique. The resulting Dolo-Talc Powder is white in colour and posses a mix or characteristics from both Talc and Dolomite minerals.

Crude Soapstone / Steatite / Talc Lumps

Soapstone, also known as Steatite / Talc / French Chalk, is a natural clayey mineral. We offer a wide selection of Crude Talc with varying physical and chemical characteristics. Upon grinding our Talc lumps into powder form, it has application in Paints, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Foods, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Agri-Products and more.

Other Minerals

Our strategic decision, to focus on manufacturing only Talc and Dolomite related mineral powders, continually imparts to us an unparalleled and in-depth understanding of these minerals. Besides, we earn the opportunity to understand each and every application of these minerals and how those applications reflect in the economics of our customers’ businesses.

However, we do also supply and export other mineral powders such as:

  • Soapstone/ Talc Grit
  • Calcite Powder
  • Marble Powder
  • Quartz Powder

So, we encourage all potential buyers of our mineral powders to visit our manufacturing units in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). Also we strongly recommend an exchange of samples. Consequently, we can better understand what our customers exactly want and work towards establishing mutually agreeable terms for transacting.

Contact us to know more about our minerals, their specifications and their applications.