Talc in Fertilizer

Talc Powder of Avani Group of Industries is the powdered form of Magnesium Silicate. Talc possesses several physical and mechanical properties which uniquely suit fertilizer formulation. Following is a snapshot of how the Agriculture industry finds use for Talc powder:

  • Talc is hydrophobic in nature, meaning that it repels water. As a result, Talc powder is used as an anticaking agent in the formulation of fertilizers which prevents formation of lumps or stickiness.
  • Talc has a lamellar (platy and layered) structure which provides a firm coating on other particles in any given mixture. Hence, in appropriate concentration, Talc Powder acts as a glidant. It means that Talc covers the surface irregularities of other substances, thereby reducing their inter-particular friction. The resulting improvement in powder flow is important for convenient and appropriate dispersion of fertilizers.
  • Talc in chemically inert in nature and does not readily react with other elements or compounds. Due to this property, combined with its capacity to improve powder flow, agriculturalists use Talc Powder as a carrier for animal feed, pesticides and insecticides.

Avani Group of Industries has 35+ years of experience in manufacturing Talc Powder for Agriculture industry.

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