Talc in Cosmetics

Talc Powder of Avani Group of Industries is the powdered form of Magnesium Silicate. Dolo-Talc Powder of Avani Group of Industries is a customizable blend of Talc and Dolomite minerals. Talc and Dolo-Talc possesses several innate physical and mechanical properties which are uniquely suited for Cosmetics. As a result, powders, soaps and creams readily apply these minerals in their manufacturing process. Following is a snapshot of different ways in which Cosmetics find use for Talc Powder and Dolo-Talc Powder:

  • Due to its oil absorption capability, Talc is the basic ingredient of almost all cosmetics in powdered form. For instance, body powders, dusting powders, baby powders and face powders are all made from Talc Powder. Besides, Talc is also high in brightness and accentuates the underlying colours, specially in makeup powders.
  • Soaps also use Talc along with other ingredients. This is because Talc is basic in nature and absorbs oil. Additionally it is also insoluble in water and hence, prevents the soap cake from easily dissolving away under a water stream.
  • Creams such as sunscreen and beauty creams require ingredients that are opaque and yet bright. Not only does Talc meet this criteria, but it also proves to be a more economical option than other powders like Titanium Dioxide. Further, the lamellar (platy and layered) structure of Talc allows the cream to spread as a thin layer over the skin covering any underlying cracks, scars or spots.
  • Dolo-Talc is a bulkier and more economical substitute to Talc. Hence, dusting powders often make use of Dolo-Talc.

Avani Group of Industries has 35+ years of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Talc Powder for cosmetics.

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