Food Grade Talc Powder

Food Grade Talc Powder prevents caking and formation of lumps, improves powder flow and also imparts shiny coating to underlying material

Talc Powder in Plastics & Polymers

Talc Powder increases impact strength, creep resistance, production rates, chemical resistance and prevents gas transmission through plastics

Talc Powder in Paper

Talc Powder reduces tackiness, spots and improves scuff resistance, ink gloss/transfer, print quality, opacity and whiteness in Paper

Talc Powder in Rubber

Talc powder improves the tensile strength, toughness, resilience, compression resistance, non-permeability and elasticity of rubber

Purified Talc Powder I.P. / B.P. / U.S.P.

Pharmaceutical Excipient grade Purified Talc Powder is used as a lubricant, glidant and anticaking agent in tablets, capsules and other drugs

Talc Powder in Paints & Coatings

Talc powder improves adhesion, resistance, colour and viscosity as well as prevents cracking, peeling and abrasiveness of Paints & Coatings