Soapstone / Steatite / Talc

Soapstone, also known as Steatite / Talc / French Chalk, is a metamorphic rock which is available in abundance in India. It occurs naturally in Earth’s Lithosphere. It is a white clayey mineral with the chemical composition of Hydrous Magnesium Silicate (Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. Through open-pit mining, this mineral is excavated in the form of rocks or gravel. The industry term of recognising these Talc / Soapstone rocks or gravel is “Talc / Soapstone Lumps”. With a hardness of only 1 on Mohs scale, Soapstone is effectively the softest mineral.

As the name suggests, Talc Lumps have a ‘soapy’ feeling to the touch due to their lamellar crystalline structure. Upon grinding it into a powder form, it has application in Paints, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Foods, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Agri-Products and more.

The Indian subcontinent has a mineral rich geography with particularly bountiful deposits of Talc / Soapstone Lumps. These deposits span across different regions of the country. In conjunction to the large volume of deposits, India also has a wide variety of Talc / Soapstone Lumps. These varieties (or grades as they are referred to in the industry) differ in the following parameters:

  • Crystalline Structure
  • Lamellarity
  • Grindability
  • Relative Whiteness

Crude Soapstone / Talc Lumps from Avani Group of Industries

At Avani Group of Industries, we have built a deep domain knowledge with respect to identifying and classifying the various grades of Talc / Soapstone depending on the aforementioned parameters. We also have an experience of 35+ years in sourcing Talc / Soapstone Lumps for manufacturing of Talc Powder. Furthermore, we have strategic partnerships with mine operators across the entire subcontinent. Subsequently, we are confident to claim ourselves as a leading supplier of Talc / Soapstone worldwide.

Besides offering variety and volume to the world market of Talc / Soapstone Lumps, we also offer quality consistency and price stability. We understand the bottlenecks of our industry and know exactly how to overcome them. As a result, our customers can rest assured of regular supply, regardless of the predominant market fluctuations. We have a supply capacity of 1000 Metric Tons per month and storage capacity of upto 25000 Metric Tons in our 7 manufacturing units combined. Since we also clean, sort, crush and pack in 50 Kg bags, our material is export-ready and grind-ready for all intended application.

Our supply of Soapstone / Steatite / Talc / French Chalk Lumps reaches across Europe (United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy), Africa (South Africa, Uganda, Egypt), Middle-East Asia (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE), South America (Brazil, Venezuela), Asia (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia) and Australia. Hence, we invite the mineral manufacturers from across the globe to source from us for their requirements.

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