Mineral Powders of Avani Group of Industries (Talc Powder, Purified Talc Powder, Dolomite Powder and Dolo-Talc Powder) find applications in a variety of industries because of their versatile nature. They are used both as commodity and functional fillers.

Following is a list of industries which require our mineral powders in their manufacturing process. To know more about the specific uses of these minerals in a particular industry click through to the relevant segment.

Talc Applications

In conclusion, Talc Powder of Avani Group of Industries has the following natural characteristics which are of key importance:

  • Opacity – It is a great opacifier and hence it hides the underlying surface from the exterior environment.
  • Brightness/Whiteness – It has various ranges of brightness which are suitable for different processes.
  • Softness – It is the softest mineral and hence can be easily pulverised to minute particle sizes.
  • Lightness – Due to having very low density, it provides a relatively high coverage even for small weighted amount of material.
  • Inertness – It is generally unreactive in chemical or physical .
  • Lamellarity – Platy and layered structure of Talc particles leads to formation of an even layer of coating.
  • Hydrophobicity – It is a water repellant and hence Talc coated material also becomes water repellant.
  • Organophilic – It has a strong affinity for organic compounds and hence binds extremely well with resins.

Dolomite Applications