Dolo-Talc Powder

Dolo-Talc powder is a blend of Talc and Dolomite minerals. It has a mixture of physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics from both the minerals.

Other NameBhuria Talc
Chemical CompositionCombination of Talc and Dolomite
Loss on Ignition5% – 50%
MgO20% – 29%
SiO210% – 60%
CaO2.5% – 25%
Acid Soluble Substance10% – 80%
Asbestos fibresNil
Mesh200 – 1250
Particle Size5 microns – 75 microns
Brightness85% – 98%
ColourWhite, Greenish White, Creamish White
Industrial ApplicationsCosmetics, Paints & Coatings

We, at Avani Group of Industries, have developed a unique technique of manufacturing Dolo-Talc Powder. Also, we have practiced and perfected this technique over 35 years. As a result, we are able to manufacture consistent quality in Dolo-Talc. Furthermore, we are able to achieve significant cost savings from this technique. Most importantly, though, this technique can be used to manufacture any possible grade with whatsoever specifications.

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