Purified Talc in Pharmaceuticals

Purified Talc Powder of APJ Industries Pvt, Ltd. is the purest form of Hydrated Magnesium Silicate in powder form. Due to its physio-chemical inertness, regulation authorities all around the world consider Purified Talc safe for human consumption. In conjunction, Purified Talc possesses several other innate physical and mechanical properties which are congenial for use in Pharmaceuticals. As a result, Purified Talc with IP / BP / USP specifications functions as an acceptable excipient in the manufacture of tablets, capsules, dermatological powders and creams. Following is a snapshot of different unique ways in which Pharmaceuticals industry finds use for Talc Powder:

  • Talc has a smooth and lamellar (platy and layered) structure. Consequently, when applied to the outer surface of capsules and tablets, it provides necessary lubrication and benefits the swallowing process. Additionally, it prevents stickiness to the mould and among the tablets or capsules themselves.
  • In appropriate concentration, Talc Powder acts as glidant by covering surface irregularities of other substances and reducing the inter-particular friction. The resulting improvement in powder flow is important for tablet compression.
  • Talc is hydrophobic in nature. Hence, it functions as an anticaking agent by coating other substances and making them water-repellent.
  • Tablets are also coated with hydrophobic Talc to enable optimization of dissolution and desorption rate inside the human body.

Manufacturing Purified Talc IP / BP / USP

APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. (a business entity under the banner of Avani Group of Industries) is a licensed manufacturer of pharmacologically approved Talc Powder. Furthermore, our production unit surpasses all the codes and requirements to enable us to guarantee the best quality product to our customers. Our Purified Talc Powder most certainly passes as per the norms of IP, BP, USP, EP and JP.