Talc Powder For Chewing Gum

Food Grade Talc Powder Manufactured by APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. is used in Chewing Gum manufacturing all across India, Bangladesh, Egypt, UAE and worldwide.

Purified Talc BP in Bangladesh

Purified Talc BP / USP of APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a key excipient in manufacture of tablets, capsules and dusting powders for the pharma industry in Bangladesh.

Introduction to APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Intro letter from the Managing Director to Pharma and Food manufacturing industry enumerating why to choose APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. for Purified Talc.

Food Grade Talc

Food Grade Talc Powder prevents stickiness & lump formation as well as provides bulk, texture and lustrous polish to different food products.