Confectionery Talc Powder in Turkey

Food Grade Talc
 of APJ Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a powdered, selected, natural, Hydrated Magnesium Silicate in its purest form. Due to its high whiteness and physio-chemical inertness, Food Safety Authorities all over the word, including Turkey, have deemed  Purified Talc powder safe for human consumption. However, simply being safe for consumption is not enough of a reason for why Talc Powder is used by the Confectionery Industry in Turkey. Hence, it is important to fully understand the mineral known as ‘Talc’, in order to discover its true potential.


Other NamesSoapstone
Talc / Talcum
Purified Talc / Talcum
Feeling to TouchSoft & Slippery
Loss on IgnitionNMT 7.00%
Loss on DryingNMT 1.00%
Magnesium Oxide [MgO]NLT 29.00%
Silica Di-Oxide [SiO2]NLT 60.00%
Iron [Fe2O3]NMT 10 PPM
Calcium [CaO]NMT 1.00%
Aluminum [Al2O3]NMT 2.00%
LeadNMT 10 PPM
Asbestos FibresNil
Water Soluble SaltsNMT 0.10%
[Hydrophobic / Water Repellent]
Acid Soluble SubstancesNMT 2.0%
[Chemical Inert / Unreactive]
[at 10%]
8.5 – 9.5
Mesh325 / 500 / 700
[NMT 1.00% Retention]
WhitenessNLT 95%

Applications of Confectionery Grade Talc

Food Grade Talc, possesses several physical and mechanical properties which are congenial for use in Confectionery manufacturing:

  • Since Talc is organophilic in nature, it combines extremely well with polymers derived from natural and synthetic resins. Therefore, it is a critical filler which provides bulk and texture to chocolate and confectionery bases.
  • As compared to other fillers, Food Grade Talc gives no reaction with the acidic flavours/ingredients and no Carbon Dioxide is released.
  • Food Grade Talc ranks high in whiteness and brightness. Thus, it elevates the brightness of colours in food dyes while keeping them safe for human consumption.
  • Food Grade Talc has a smooth and lamellar (platy and layered) structure. Consequently, when applied to the outer surface of confectionery candies, it provides a shiny polish. Additionally, it prevents stickiness and formation of lumps.
  • Dusting of Talc Powder on the moulds of chocolates, candies and baked goods prevents sticking and deformation of the finished confectionery. Also, a light spraying of talc on the machinery leads to faster production rates.

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