Talc Lumps in South Korea

Talc, also known as Soapstone / Steatite / French Chalk, is a metamorphic rock which occurs naturally in Earth’s Lithosphere. It is a white clayey mineral with a hardness of only 1 on Mohs scale, Talc is effectively the softest mineral known to mankind. Avani Group of Industries supplies a wide variety of Talc Lumps to its customers in South Korea at the best prices. Furthermore, we source our material strictly from NON-CONFLICT regions, such as India. Upon grinding it into a powder form, it has application in Paints, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Foods, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Agri-Products and more.

The Indian subcontinent has a mineral rich geography with particularly bountiful deposits of Talc / Soapstone Lumps. These deposits span across different regions of the country. In conjunction to the large volume of deposits, India also has a wide variety of Talc / Soapstone Lumps. These varieties (or grades) differ in the following parameters:

  • Crystalline Structure
  • Lamellarity
  • Grindability
  • Relative Whiteness

Crude Soapstone / Talc Lumps from Avani Group of Industries

At Avani Group of Industries, we have built a deep domain knowledge with respect to Talc / Soapstone. This includes our capability to identify and classify the various grades of Talc depending on the aforementioned parameters. We also have an experience of 35+ years in sourcing Talc / Soapstone Lumps for manufacturing of Talc Powder. Furthermore, we have strategic partnerships with mine operators across the entire subcontinent. Subsequently, we are confident in claiming ourselves as a leading exporter of Talc / Soapstone Lumps to South Korea and worldwide.

Besides offering variety and volume to the world market of Talc / Soapstone Lumps, we also offer quality consistency and price stability. We understand the bottlenecks of our industry and know exactly how to overcome them. As a result, our customers can rest assured of regular supply, regardless of the market fluctuations. We have a supply capacity of 1000 Metric Tons per month and storage capacity of upto 25000 Metric Tons per month. Since we also clean, sort, crush and pack in 1 MT Jumbo bags, our material is export-ready and grind-ready for all intended application.

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